Leasing a printer (or a copier) is an attractive choice today for businesses. After all, verticals like finance or legal lean heavily on printed documents. At the same time, powerhouse printers and copiers can range from thousands of dollars to more than $10,000 – which might not be feasible for small-to-medium organizations (especially if you include toner and repairs costs).

Thus, leasing a printer or copier can alleviate the budget. If service and repairs are included, printer leasing also alleviates stress and downtime (this holistic approach or one-stop attitude is what is known in the printer “biz” as managed print services). You can also say goodbye to wondering how to recycle an old machine. Once you include benefits like printer monitoring or automated supply delivery, then it almost seems like printer leasing is too good to be true.

Well, printer leasing is too good to be true…

As they say, the devil is in the details, and those details in a printer lease contract can be a “gotcha’ that keeps you locked in a deal that ultimately hurts your printing and budget.

Do you need a herd of high-powered lawyers to review your printer least contract? If you can afford it, sure, but instead look at our new infographic, 5 Printer Lease Gotcha’s They Don’t Want you to Know.


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