A mission statement, which can be defined as the heart of the business’s vision and the guide of its operation, is essential for any small business.  These statements can be of all shapes and sizes and are said to be an accurate and unique summary of your specific organization.   Constructive tips:

  1. Keep it short.  Many people like to use the “8 words or less” method when creating their mission statements.  Those that are short and sweet are not only easier to be placed on business cards, but also are more memorable and effective.
  2. Be specific.  Your target audience (customers, employees and potential business investors) should not be able to apply your mission statement to competing companies.  Focus on what it is that makes you strive to do differently, how you achieve excellence, and what makes your business stand out from all the rest.
  3. Make it realistic.  Mission statements often seem impossible to achieve, which will only discourage your employees.  They are supposed to be a description of why you exist and what you do; create a statement that includes something that is possible, but is not too easy or too idealist.
  4. Test it. Whether you are revamping your current statement or building one from scratch, it is always a good idea to test it on your employees.  Not only will the quality of the statement improve with outside opinions, but your employees will feel more invested in the statement because they helped put all the pieces together.
  5. Consider longevity.  Create a long-term picture while constructing your statement that will be able to withstand time and will still hold a deep meaning in the long run. Your mission statement should not be changing every time a short-term goal is achieved.


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