In order to optimize office productivity, it’s important to limit downtime. IT issues – from slow printers to paper jams – are typically the main culprits behind that lost time. Employees waste about 22 minutes a day on IT issues, including printing—that can total up to 91 hours a year. This cuts into time employees could spend on other projects and can cause frustration around the office.

Troubleshooting and Repairs

Some of the most common printing problems are poor quality prints, slow printing, paper jams and network connectivity issues, which can be caused by malfunctioning equipment or outdated printers. Repairing these problems can be as simple as readjusting toner cartridges, or they could call for professional repairs.

When something goes wrong, most offices’ first line of defense is the IT department. In fact, 23 percent of help desk calls are printer-related. However, relying on the IT team to diagnose, repair or coordinate repairs for printer equipment is a waste of valuable resources. An IT team’s time is better spent performing network updates and tending to more serious equipment calls.

And, more often than not, IT employees will need to call a third-party provider for printer repairs anyway. A service call can cost anywhere from $40-$330, and with multiple calls per month, this can really add up.

Issues like running out of paper, toner or other supplies can cause downtime, too. It can take a few days to get additional supplies delivered, which puts the office at a standstill. This reactive attitude can waste time and lower productivity for a whole office.

Optimized Solutions

It’s best to stay on top of office supply ordering and printer maintenance to limit downtime and productivity halts. Be sure to order supplies proactively, and even automate deliveries if possible. Regular maintenance, like dusting printers and cleaning print heads, can also help you limit printer-related issues and even extend the life of your equipment.

The easiest and often most cost-effective way to keep up with these issues and time is to work with a managed print service. These services can help prevent any number of office hassles, while also serving as a one-stop shop for all your printing needs – from proactive supplies ordering to printer maintenance and repairs.

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