We spoke with Cartridge World’s newest franchise owner, Brock Terrell, who came from the Copier/Imaging industry and joined as an Executive Office Franchise (non-retail). Brock has always possessed a passion for the imaging space. But like many today in the age of COVID, he made a leap to a model that offered remote opportunities, flexible hours, and new normal of nimble printing needs from businesses. Cartridge World was the perfect fit, and he started in April 2021.


CW: What were you doing before joining the Cartridge World franchise?

Brock: For the last six years, I was a strategic account manager for a major Copier Dealer in the Atlanta metro area.


CW: What made you decide to join Cartridge World over another franchise?

Brock: I really enjoyed the Copier Dealer/Imaging space but could see that COVID was going to change the traditional dealer Copier leasing model. COVID has forced businesses to realize that they no longer need the large, expensive copier that financially locks them in for 3-5 years. What I liked about Cartridge World was that it “unshackled me” from the rigidness of being a traditional employee; and that its products and services allow me to provide custom printing solutions that meet the needs of businesses big or small.


CW: What excites you about the New Cartridge World Executive Office Model?

Brock: With the advent of COVID and a more remote workforce for the foreseeable future, I am excited to provide an alternative to the traditional dealer model of leasing and costly service agreements. I always felt there was a better alternative to expensive OEM-only thinking. I have found a home where I can offer more cost-effective solutions in a new economy with new business needs.


CW: How do you see office printing habits changing as we emerge to the other side of COVID?

Brock: Let’s face it, A3 printing is dying, and printing A4 pages is in a state of decline. But it is important to recognize that the dying A3 and A4 decline in printing are mainly in large organizations that are digitalizing their workflow. The reality is that small businesses do not have an IT department to digitalize their workflow, and thus printing remains strong. This is why I believe Cartridge World is positioned well in the market. We are an agile company that can instantly adjust to market trends with great products like our No Cost Printer Program — where a business can get a printer at No Cost, with all service, delivery, and parts also at no cost. The No Cost Printer Program is everything that a copier contract is not, perfect for the business that realizes they don’t need a giant copier or have staff working from home with specific printing needs.


CW: What size business will you be targeting as you build your ideal customer base?

Brock: I will be targeting companies with 2-100 employees, $500,000 or more in revenue – with HQ regional and locations within the territory located from Alpharetta down to perimeter center east of GA 400.


CW: As you have mentioned, the effects of COVID are still playing in the Copier Dealer/Imaging industry. Do you have any advice for anyone in that vertical who might be worried about their future?

Brock: I would say do what I did: take a look at the Cartridge World Executive Franchise Model. You already know where to sell to, you already know the clients, and you can operate the business from your own home. What more do you need to know?


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