In the article, 5 Ways to Improve Color Printer Quality, we provided easy tips and best practices to maximize color printing – all to cause desired change and action in audiences. From tweaking your printer to leveraging the right printer cartridges, we showed readers how to make the world see your brand’s true colors in print.

This content included a psychology of colors list that ensures you’re using the right hues for the right message. But for the sake of consistency and authenticity, it makes sense we give you this list in, yes, color format. Thus, here we provide our latest infographic, The Psychology of Color Printing. We suggest you print this infographic along with the companion eBook (free to download here).

Please enjoy and happy printing:

infographic with a list of colors to use for sales and marketing

Looking for a provider that can assist you with getting the printer or copier that will give you those documents to bring your color documents to life? Please contact us.

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