Say what you will about printers losing popularity in home and office use, but, people everywhere still rely on their printers for

homework, projects, financial, reports, crafts and business every day. Plus, we see our customers use printers in ways that we would have never dreamt ourselves. Here are the top 5 most uncommon printer uses we have found:

Paper Enigma Machine

Looking to own your own paper copy of the Enigma machine so you can simulate the decryption techniques used in WWII? Well here is your chance! If you follow (not the easiest task) these not-so-simple instructions, you can waste spend hours upon hours trying to figure it out.

Eat your Prints

If you are a person that wouldn’t mind eating something that came out of your printer – then why not invest in special ink so you can print photos on your food? Edible ink can be purchased for Canon and Epson printers – it might not be any less expensive than regular ink, but hopefully it tastes better! Never have a dull birthday cake again!

Forget “Minecraft” Start “Papercraft”

Have you ever wanted to fold your way to the perfect project? Almost anything you think of can be found on the internet and here is proof – you can build your own paper rocket! Projects like this are called “papercraft” and even though it is not as popular here in the United States as it is in Japan, if you want a cool project that doesn’t cost a ton, you should be trying out this!

Remember 3D Printing – What About 4D

Most people don’t have a need to print in 4D (or know it exists). But if you are one of the lucky ones that do, you might want to check out this beastie! If rapid prototyping and shape-shifting plastic pieces aren’t your thing, that’s too bad. Take a look at the future!

Build You Own Camera!

Want to play around and use some actual film? Leave the digital camera at home and start printing out this kit. Although the picture focus might be something to be desired, there isn’t a better feeling than mastering photography by printing out your own camera.

Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention and other times it’s that you have a printer, some paper and you just gotta have a project to do. No matter what your reason, enjoy these uncommon printer uses.

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