There are many wonderful benefits to living in the digital age. Technology vastly optimizing outsourcing services is one of them. Whether you need remote IT work or an HR virtual assistant, business solutions are at the click of a mouse (or the tap of a smartphone).

This reality is the case with printers — and it’s known as managed print services. What is it exactly? In short, brands can seamlessly outsource their printing care to a skilled provider. This results in a professional world where workers can focus more on success and less on printer disruptions, toner inventory, or product waste. As another benefit to leveraging managed print services, all printer costs and inventory are consolidated.

Having a third-party oversee a company’s printer ecosystem makes sense, beyond freeing up time (and reducing headaches) – especially when you consider these statistics:

All of this doesn’t even take on account the vast environmental impact of poorly-managed printing.

Managed print services considerably improve all these statistics. In fact, research shows that effective managed print services can reduce business costs by 20-30 percent, as well as potentially improve document security and an office’s green footprint.

Let’s find out all about managed print services and how it can transform your office culture and various bottom lines.


Deep diving and deep defining managed print services


To geek out briefly on definitions, managed print services (or MPS) is the oversight and provision of business document output and printer needs by an external service provider. That was a mouthful, but you get it.

MPS typically goes beyond printers to include fax machines, scanners, and copiers. Depending on the arrangement, payment to a provider may take the form of a subscription or a per-page basis. Some type of agreement places each device under a monthly maintenance or management contract that includes all consumables and parts potentially required for repair. In our case, we offer no-cost printer programs with repairs and maintenance included at no charge, as long as you stock your printers with our printer cartridges.

With all this technicality out of the way, it should be noted that managed print services are not a fad but part of today and tomorrow’s business success. Statistics reveal that the managed print services vertical is growing and steadily and expected to be a $58 billion industry worldwide by 2025.


What does managed print services include?


It ought to be mentioned by an MPS provider worth their salt (or ink, actually) should first and foremost supply you with an audit of your office printing. That’s the proverbial half of the battle. This self-knowledge will provide the right printers and inventory stock that controls costs and improves productivity. Again, in our case, this audit is no-charge, with also a quick and online assessment.

Once you’ve committed to leasing or buying a printer (or another imaging device), the MPS provider will supervise your printer environment, including product inventory and printer health.

These are some of the solutions an MPS provider might offer you:

Printer consulting: Just as not all printers are created equal for your printing needs, the placement of printers should not be a one-size-fits-all approach. Your MPS provider might suggest you buy a large monochrome printer for all office printing, paired with an inkjet printer placed near and connected to the design team. Your MPS provider might even assist you with an office print policy (or you can download ours) or advice when it’s time to change inefficient or energy-draining machines. Ever had issues with a printer network or mobile printing? An MPS provider can support with these matters.

Automated supply delivery: Being over or under stocked when it comes to toner is a source of stress for office managers and IT people. Having inventory monitored and stocked automatically is a beautiful thing for business costs and peace of mind. But how is this done effectively? See below.

Printer monitoring: This is where the digital age can equivocally boost your printer experience. This solution allows an MPS provider to remotely monitor your printers or printer fleet. Cartridge levels, paper usage, and printer wellbeing are available in real-time or later reports, allowing a proactive attitude towards a printer environment. Imagine a printer expert arriving at your printer before you knew it needed service? Your cartridges always stocked? That’s the awesomeness of printer monitoring.

Printer service and maintenance: That was mentioned above, but it’s important to repeat. Printer disruption is frustrating and even damaging to office productivity. Instead of fantasizing about bringing a bat down on your laser printer ala “Office Space,” why not call an MPS provider that can offer same-day service or a loaner printer?

Sustainability: Better control over printing and printer products results in less waste. Some MPS providers can consult on eco-friendly printing or offer recycling programs. Bringing our brand in again, as an example, Cartridge World provides recycling programs via our partnership with Environmental Office Solutions, and that doesn’t include regional programs from our various printer experts.


More than just a provider


A good MPS provider is more than a third-party vendor. They are part of your team. They are available and personal. They offer tailored solutions and expert advice that frees up IT departments and management. They make your printers basically invisible until it’s time to print. Lastly, they should be able to scale, whether it’s across your office or other locations.

In a CIOReview article, Steve Lee, Director of Information Systems & Communications for Rosauers Supermarkets, gave a first-rate overview of what to look for in an MPS provider:

“Take your time to find the right solution partner and then work with them to develop a standardized approach for the organization. Find ways to address the business needs and then replicate those throughout the organization. Challenge your MPS team to help define and develop the best solutions for your organization and check references to validate what you think you’ve learned about them. You could find it makes a tremendous difference in your operations.”

In other words, as with any solution in these modern times, look for the best and the best fit because your business deserves it.


Interested in learning more or leverage managed print services? Check out our MPS solutions.




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